Multiplayer – laptop jam


MULTIPLAYER is about meeting people through music, while learning that the computer as an instrument can be a shortcut to what is for many people essential about music – playing together.


Ableton Live has introduced a new feature called Link. Link is a very easy way to get many computers and mobile devices synced on the same network, which mean that it is very easy to have multiple computers playing music together in the same tempo.

We will bring a box with 3 laptops, 3 Ableton Push computer instruments and 3 Novation Launchkey Minis, each of which serve their specific purpose in our electronic music orchestra. One is for improvising drums, another for playing bass a third for melodies etc.


It is our experience that this is a good introduction to creating electronic music, both for people who have previous musical training, but especially to someone for whom this world is entirely new and unexplored. There is no prerequisites needed, except for an open mind 🙂


All guests at the Pavilion are welcome to join the band !