Workshops in electronic music

Workshops in electronic music is about utilising technology to play and perform music together, with the help of software and hardware.

Kopenhagen Laptop Orchestra KLO

Kopenhagen Laptop Orchestra

Kopenhagen Laptop Orchestra (KLO) is an electronic musicians collective based in Copenhagen. They specialise in live improvised electronic music. All sonic qualities are created in



NERD SWEAT squeezes untammed sounds out of outdated toys, into smashing beats – always with a great amount of improvisation. Constantly punishing machines to

Ras Kjærbo teaching music technology and production

Ras Kjærbo

Ras Kjærbo hails from the northern reaches of Europe and is the co-founder of Rumkraft, Copenhagen’s first electronic music school and Ableton Certified Training Center


We will be hosting two workshops during the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in August 2016. Underneath, you can read more about building a drum machine or jamming together with laptops and music technology.

Multiplayer - laptop jam
Multiplayer – laptop jam

What? MULTIPLAYER is about meeting people through music, while learning that the computer as an instrument can be a shortcut to what is for many

Multiplayer – laptop jam
Building a drum machine with Arduino and solenoids
Drum machine from recyclables

What? We make a garbage band – but not a stinky band! By reusing thrown out household things like empty cans and bottles along with

Drum machine from recyclables

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